How do I explain to people that my hobby is reblogging pictures of Koreans?

jongin taking a kissing selca with the fans and cutely smiling afterwards

jongin trying to take luhan’s clothes off
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Chanyeol gave Tao a backhug and scared the hell outta him. @V@

Video Credit: 小相的樱桃CherryTAO

*Quietly chanting*: Chantaochantaochantaochantao…

Have my heart and soul for the leggy rap-line :3

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*steals ur credit card*

hasta la visa

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@donghae861015: 2014/07/21 Am4:32 with SH

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exo + solo activities

1) Minseok starring in Jin’s Gone MV

2) Chanyeol as a fixed member in SBS’ Roommate

3) Lu Han’s feature film debut in Back to 20

4) Baekhyun’s musical debut in Singin’ in the Rain

5) Yixing’s first MC role for Top Chinese Music

6) Yi Fan’s acting debut in Somewhere Only We Know

7) Zitao filming for Zhang Liyin’s upcoming MV

8) Kyungsoo’s acting debut in It’s Okay, It’s Love

9) Joonmyeon’s voice acting for the Korean dub of Saving Santa

10) Jongdae’s vocal work for SM the Ballad