Luhan - 140729 Beijing Airprot, departing for Gimpo

Credit: Heebeer. (베이징공항 출국)

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Luhan - 140729 Gimpo Airport, arrival from Beijing

Credit: Heebeer. (김포공항 입국)

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HunHan went on a date yesterday ♡

Sehun opened and closed the door for Luhan

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the funny thing about being an ELF is that as of today, we’ll have welcomed back three members from the military while most groups haven’t had to say goodbye yet.

and we’re still a fandom.
and super junior is still together.

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"who has showered with tao?”

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lee haru has met more hot guys at age 4 than i probably will in my entire life

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Luhan - 140729 SMTown NOW update

Credit: SMTown NOW.